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Department Head & Distinguished Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
AIDS Care, Symptom Management, Elderly Care, Mental Health Care, Nursing Education
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 3204/5958 
Distinguished Professor
Oregon Health and Science University, USA
Gerontological nursing, Qualitative research, Family nursing, Long-term care
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5275 
University of Maryland at Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Symptoms in cancer patients, Quality of cancer pain management, Measurement in health and nursing
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5737 
Hsueh-Erh Liu
College of Nursing, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Quality of life issue, Quality of sexual life, Renal nursing, Oncology nursing, Evidence-Based Nursing
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5243 
Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA
End-of-Life care, Family caregiving, Secondary data analysis
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 3417 
University of Kansas, Kansas City, KS, USA
Communication skill training (CST) on cancer truth telling, Management of cancer related fatigue, End of life care
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5448 
Tai-Long Pan
TEL: TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5105 
Jong-Hwei Su Pang
Rutgers-the State University of New Jersey, NJ, USA
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 3482/3488 
Chang Gung University, Taipei, Taiwan
Depression, Elderly
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5075 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Psychiatric, Mental Health Nursing, Family Nursing
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5480 
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
medical surgical nursing, gastroenterology nursing, organ transplantation, self-managment
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 3205  
Associate Professor
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Gerontological care, Dementia care, Non- pharmaceutical approach for patients with cognitive impairment, Health and quality of life in dementia patients and their family caregivers
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5148 
Associate Professor
National Taiwan Normal University
Maternity nursing, Women Sexual health, Patient Education, Sexual Education, Qualitative research
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5197 
Associate Professor
Chung Shan Medical University
Medical-surgical nursing, Heart transplantation, Critical care, Chronic disease self-management
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5211
Associate Professor
Queensland University of Technology
E-health for self-management program, Women health, Home care with chronic diseases
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5481 
Assistant Professor
Case Western Reserve University
Psychiatric nursing, acupressure, sleep trouble, AIDS prevention, guiding visualization, consultation between two sexes
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5185  
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Austin
Women health, Oncology nursing
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5265 
Assistant Professor
National Yang-Ming University
Sexual health care of adolescents, Nursing career developement, Health promotion and health behavior of adolescents
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5064 
Assistant Professor
National Yang-Ming University
Pediatrics nursing, child pains, asthma child care, chronic child care
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5198  
Assistant Professor
Taipei Medical University
Psychiatric nursing, family care of psychiatric patients, community psychiatric rehabilitation
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5087  
Assistant Professor
Chang Gung University, Taipei, Taiwan
Diabetic foot ulcer, wound care
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5189  
Assistant Professor
Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
congenital heart disease,children and adolescent development,Health promoting behaviour,exercise behaviour,Qualitative research
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 3866
Assistant Professor
Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Medical-surgical nursing, Oncology Nursing
TEL:+886-3-2118800 ext. 5180
Assistant Professor
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Child and family Nursing, Diabetes Education, Children with chronic condition, Meta analysis, Big data analysis
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5186 
Assistant Professor
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Women health, Perimenopause care, Career women work stress, Qualitative research, E-health mobile devices
TEL: +886-3-2118800 ext.5183
FAX: +886-3-3279372
E-mail: angel_2017@mail.cgu.edu.tw
Assistant Professor
National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan
School health nursing, Scale development and validation, Elementary school students quality of life, Snacking consumption behavior, School nurse emergency care
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5146 
Assistant Professor
Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
Adult health, transplantation care, critical care
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5089
Assistant Professor
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Medical-surgical nursing, Cardiovascular care, Caregiver burden and quality of life
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5184
Assistant Professor
National Defense Medical Center
Maternity nursing, sterility nursing, nursing research, sterility nursing consultation, gynecology nursing, folks and Chinese medicine treatment in the application of maternity, woman health issues
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5264  
Jia-Ling Tsai
Senior Lecturer
MSN, School of Nursing, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
Pediatric oncology nursing, Children’s hospice and palliative care, Children's life education, Health promotion, Meta-analysis
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5147
Senior Lecturer
U. of Colorado Health 
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5187  
Teaching Assistant
Chang Gung University
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5193 
Teaching Assistant
Chang Gung University
TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5957