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Learning support and tutoring

Learning support and tutoring

This primarily focuses on remedial teaching content provided by the Learning Process Information Platform E-Portfolio, Learning Planning Office, and Teaching Resource Center, among others.

  • Learning process information platform E-Portfolio

Students log in to fill in and collect all learning materials during their studies, including my resume, learning history and abilities, course map, customized history and diary, and graduate questionnaire; tutors can see the students' personal appearance Board and radar chart (professional knowledge, general ability, soft ability), tutors can make individual suggestions on students' learning process and radar chart ability indicators during each semester's tutoring meeting.

  • Academic Advising Counseling

Academic Advising Office employs professional course tutors to provide learning planning consultation services and cross-disciplinary learning information (e.g., academic programs, minor departments, double majors), including peer mentor consultation, professional mentor consultation, alums mentoring services, and also provides career planning consultation and school resource integration.

★Academic Advising (cross-disciplinary learning, minor departments) appointment consultation form: https://forms.office.com/r/CFT9sPBVAD

  • Remedial Instruction

The Teaching Resource Center provides remedial instruction to assist students with learning difficulties in basic subjects, funding subsidies for teaching assistants, and regular and targeted academic tutoring and individualized learning consultation to solve students' academic problems and improve learning effectiveness. Only four people can apply if a student wants to take a long-term course in a semester. Only one person can use it if a student wants a short-term individualized learning consultation. The teacher can also apply based on the student's learning status.

★Remedial instruction implementation plan and application form website:

  • Counseling Service

To improve the mental health of students, promote self-understanding, learn emotional management, establish harmonious interpersonal relationships, and strengthen life adaptability, our department not only has tutors for each class and department tutors to assist students but also has professional counselors from our school’s counseling team together with consulting psychologists and Chang Gung psychiatrists, we have also established a complete campus counseling network to provide students with spiritual guidance during their time at school.

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