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  1.  We will continue hiring new faculty members with a Ph.D in nursing from domestic and/or overseas universities.  They are expected to contribute to both research and teaching in a variety of nursing-related topics.

  2.  We will strive to create an international academic environment by recruiting prominent international scholars who have a stellar performance in nursing research.  These scholars will hold international seminars, which are expected to improve the English skills of our faculty and students. The academic exchange of students and faculty with internationally prestigious universities will be encouraged.

  3. Faculty members and students are encouraged to participate in interdisciplinary and international research collaboration, which will give us an opportunity to enhance our research quality.

  4. International, interscholastic and interdisciplinary scholars will be recruited to establish interdisciplinary education and research centers, which mainly focus on geriatrics and cancer care. We will strive for improvement in the quality of clinical care and provide in-service education by developing local integrated care models.

  5. Establishment of a nursing Ph.D. program, including the development of international degree and certification programs, with prominent overseas universities, is planned.