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Under the COVID-19 epidemic, individuals’ life patterns have been changed. It also has severe impact on the global medical system. But it has presented an opportunity to reflect on our practice, education and research in nursing. Undoubtedly, the rapid sharing of information and experience through the Internet technology highlights the importance of us being part of the international community. The economic gloom, however, does not facilitate this. We must rationalize the use of our resources to produce quality outcomes. All these require our courage and wisdom. Our School would therefore make every attempt to work towards the following directions:

  1. Internationalization: We endeavor to establish partnerships and networks with universities and hospitals at all levels. We commit ourselves to work collaboratively with our partners to further improve our teaching and research work.
  2. Value-addedness: We are determined to improve our curricula, enhance the quality of teaching and learning and streamline our work to make our effort cost-effective. For research, we continue to focus our effort on the elderly care and the oncologic nursing.
  3. Excellence: We commit ourselves to progress and measure our achievements against international benchmarks. We are determined to make the School of Nursing at Chang Gung University stand out among our international counterparts.


Yun-Fang Tsai, RN, PhD, FAAN