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The Vibrant Academic Research Atmosphere of the Chang Gung University School of Nursing


Since its founding, the School of Nursing at Chang Gung University has focused on developing a strong research atmosphere. In order to further improve the research and development of nursing, the School founded a Research and Development Committee under the School of Nursing to be responsible for the management of research and development matters. For example, the following activities are held to encourage the faculty to improve the quality of research and to apply for research projects to the National Science Council, the Department of Health, and the National Health Research Institute:

  1. Seminars on applying for research projects are held regularly to improve the faculty’s application writing skills.

  2. Related consulting services are made available to help the School faculty to present their research results in internal and external symposiums.

  3. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in various academic symposiums to absorb new knowledge and collect research information.

  4. Research seminars and research retreats are held regularly where domestic scholars are invited to share their research information to expand the research areas of the faculty members.

  5. The research team is formed, and regular meetings are held to discuss research related matters, share the individual research outcomes, and to build consensus.