Scholarships Website Information


Scholarships Website Information

The purpose of implementing scholarships

To motivate students in our school to strive for academic excellence, reward outstanding achievements, and assist financially disadvantaged but talented students in completing their studies.

Types of Scholarships

(A). On-campus Scholarships

  1. Undergraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship.

  2. Financially Disadvantaged Student Aid.

  3. Outstanding Athletic Achievement Scholarship.

  4. Service Excellence or Special Talent Scholarship.

  5. Student Financial Assistance Scholarship. 

 (B). Off-campus Scholarships

  1. Various Scholarships for Student Tuition Reduction and Benefits.

  2. Student Educational Loans.

  3. Scholarships provided by Foundations, Municipalities, Hometown Associations, or Individuals.

  4. Active Duty Military Personnel's Children Attending Schools Above Middle School Tuition Reduction Policy.

Details regarding the application, review, and issuance procedures 

Various scholarships can be found on the Office of Student Affairs website. Please refer to.

(A). The Regulations and Procedures for Scholarships.

(B). The Scholarship Application and Inquiry System for Various Scholarships.