About CGUN Nursing


Historical milestones

  • Established the Bachelor's program in 1989
  • Established the Master's program in 1992
  • Started a trial program for the Bachelor of Nursing Science in 2016
  • Established the Doctoral program in 2019


Our department offers a complete nursing education system, including Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs, with a strong emphasis on the teaching philosophy of holistic care. We provide an excellent learning environment and place particular importance on cultivating international perspectives among our students. We offer programs such as International Nursing Electives and International Student Exchange for students to apply, connecting our department with nursing schools worldwide.

Teaching equipment

To enhance clinical nursing skills training, the department is equipped with simulated demonstration wards, electric beds, multifunctional mannequins, various models, and medical nursing equipment.

Master class introduction video

Doctoral class introduction video