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The Vibrant Academic Research Atmosphere of the Chang Gung University School of Nursing

Since its founding, the Chang Gung University School of Nursing has focused on developing a strong research atmosphere. In order to further improve the research and development of nursing, the School founded a Research and Development Committee under the School of Nursing to be responsible for the management of research and development matters. The following activities are held regularly to inspire the faculty’s research ideas, cultivate their competence in research, improve quality of research, and enhance research performance by increasing the number of funded research grants and research articles published in both national and international outstanding journals:

  • 1.Seminars on are held regularly by inviting faculty and national as well as international scholars to share their research experiences for improving faculty’s competence in research.
  • 2.Mock reviews of research proposals are made available to help faculty to present their research ideas in a well-organized and sound research proposal to facilitate successful application of research grant from both the governmental institutes and non-governmental organizations.
  • 3.Collection and analyses of faculty’s publications and research grants yearly to highlight the direction for improving faculty’s research performance.

In addition to individual research, team research is highly promoted in School of Nursing. Outstanding research achievements have been made in the research of geriatric and cancer care, home care nursing and long-term care of the elderly, health promotion, and end of life care. Several laboratories were established, including


Future research directions will be expanded to multidisciplinary and international research to facilitate application of research outcomes to the clinical practice to improve health care through collaboration with researchers in other related fields domestically and internationally.


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2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021