1. Internationalized Curriculum: Our department offers dual-degree programs in collaboration with the University of Maryland in the United States and the University of Queensland in Australia. Upon graduation, students can earn dual degrees from both domestic and foreign universities, providing them with opportunities to pursue careers in nursing in Taiwan, Australia, or the United States.
2. Short-Term Overseas Exchanges: Throughout their studies, students have the chance to participate in short-term exchange programs at prestigious international institutions like Case Western Reserve University in the United States, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and Okayama University in Japan.
3. English-Taught Courses: Several undergraduate and master's courses are conducted entirely in English, offering students the flexibility to choose between courses taught in Chinese or English.
4. Innovative and Diverse Teaching Methods: We continuously enhance our teaching methods by integrating AI, digital technology, and interdisciplinary approaches. Currently, more than seven courses incorporate AI and VR digital technologies. Our teaching methodologies encompass various techniques, including lectures, seminars, group discussions, practical exercises, hands-on activities, and experiential learning.
5. Extensive Practical Opportunities: Students benefit from access to a wide range of departments for hands-on training, including our university's Clinical Skills Center, Chang Gung Medical System, community institutions, and long-term care facilities.
6. High Graduation Licensure Success Rate: Our department achieves a graduation licensure pass rate exceeding 90%, significantly surpassing the national average.
7. Diverse Teaching Strategies: We employ a broad spectrum of teaching approaches, including classroom lectures, role-playing, demonstration teaching, multimedia instruction, virtual wards, AI, digital technology, field visits, and clinical practice.
8. Academic Excellence: In the 2022 Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (Nursing), our department secured a position among the top 41 globally and ranked third nationally.