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1. Hsieh, H.L., H.H. Wang, C.Y. Wu, W.H. Tung, and C.M. Yang.* Lipoteichoic acid induces matrix metalloproteinase-9expression via transactivation of PDGF receptors and NF-kB activation in rat brain astrocytes. Neurotoxicity Res.17:344–359, 2010, May. Neuroscience, 89/252=35.32%, IF=3.538.

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3. Tung, W.H., H.L. Hsieh, and C.M. Yang.* Enterovirus 71 induces COX-2 expression via MAPKs, NF-κB, and AP-1 inSK–N–SH cells: Role of PGE2 in viral replication. Cell. Signal. 22:234-246, 2010, FebCell Biology, 65/184=35.33%, IF=4.315.

4. Wang, H.H., H.L. Hsieh, C.Y. Wu, and C.M. Yang.* Oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced matrix metalloproteinase-9expression via PKC-d/p42/p44 MAPK/Elk-1 cascade in brain astrocytes. Neurotox. Res. 17:50–65, 2010, Jan.Neuroscience, 89/252=35.32%, IF=3.538.

5. Lin, C.C., I.T. Lee, Y.L. Yang, C.W. Lee, Y. R. Kou, and C.M. Yang.* Induction of COX-2/PGE2/IL-6 is crucial for cigarette smoke extract-induced airway inflammation: role of TLR4-dependent NADPH oxidase activation. Free Radical. Biol. Med. 48:240-254, 2010, Jan ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM, 16/128=12.5%, IF= 5. 736.

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11. Chu P.H., H.I. Yeh , H.H. Wu , R.C. Hong, T.F. Shiu, and C.M. Yang. Deletion of the FHL2 gene attenuates the formation of atherosclerotic lesions after a cholesterol-enriched diet. Life Sci. 86: 365–371, 2010, FebMedicine, Research & Experimental, 53/123=48.39%, IF=2.702.

12. Tung, W.H., I.T. Lee, H.L. Hsieh, and C.M. Yang.* EV71 induces COX-2 expression via c-Src/PDGFR/PI3K/Akt/p42/p44 MPAK/AP-1 and NF-kB in rat brain astrocytes. J. Cell. Physiol. 224: 376–386, 2010,Aug. Physiology, 15/83=18.07%, IF=3.839.

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18. Hsieh, H.L., H.H. Wang, C.Y. Wu, and C.M. Yang.* ROS-dependent c-Fos/AP-1 induction up-regulates heme oxygenase-1 expression by bradykinin in brain astrocytes. Antioxidants Redox Signal. 13:1829–1844, 2010, DecBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, 27/289=9.34%, IF=7.407.

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24. Tung, W.H., H.L. Hsieh, I.T. Lee, and C.M. Yang.* Enterovirus 71 modulates a COX-2/PGE2/cAMP-dependent viral replication in human neuroblastoma cells: Role of the c-Src/EGFR/p42/p44 MAPK/CREB signaling pathway. J. Cell. Biochem. 112:559-570, 2011, FebBiochemistry & Molecular Biology, 107/289=37.02%, IF=3.263.

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