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School of Nursing



Faculty-Student Academic Research Results Symposium


To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Chang Gung University, the College of Medicine (Department of Nursing, Department of Medicine, Department of Respiratory Care, Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Science, and Graduate Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Science) held the Faculty-Student Academic Research Results Symposium . A total of 117 people registered, and 105 participated in the Presentation, with an attendance rate 89.7%. In addition to the opening speech given by the President of Chang Gung University, students and professors who have delivered outstanding research reports, as well as distinguished alumni, were invited to share their research results. The research contents included animal in vivo experiments, qualitative studies, quantitative studies, case studies More than half (58%) of the published papers have accepted by internationally renowned SCI or SSCI journals.


The participants included graduate students (48%), undergraduate students (30%) and teachers (18%); among them are faculty and students from the Department of Nursing (62%) and Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine (32%). Most participants (98-100%) considered the location, speakers, research topics, course and teaching aids of the Presentation are appropriate, and indicated that the Presentation is very successful and beneficial to future clinical practices. Most participants attended the Presentation due to personal interest (72%), while some attended due to work needs (12%) or assigned by the department (12%). The most rewarding topics are: cancer patients’ experience with the combination of Chinese and Western medical treatment, the importance of cervix to body balance, and validity testing for the scale on the stress level of Tourette children. The participants indicated that the contents of this Presentation are different from other symposiums, as this Presentation covered clinical research and basic research, which are helpful in clinical application and acquisition of new knowledge. Due to time limitation, speakers have only twenty minutes to present their research results. Some participants suggested that at least thirty minutes should be given to each speaker, so that some time for answering questions after the speech. This suggestion will be considered for the future symposiums. More comments are welcomed for future improvement.


The participants’ enthusiastic discussion showed their concern and expectation of future medical care. After discussion, they expressed that there are still more room to be explored in the future. The clinical research teams of Chang Gung University will continue to expand by the joint efforts of faculty, students and alumni, which are beneficial to the school and the service quality of clinical medicine. We sincerely hope that next year’s presentation will be even more successful. Finally, the host and sponsoring departments would like to express their most sincere gratitude for the generous funding and support of the university, as well as the participation of the faculty and students for this successful event.